Time honoured traditions passed down from me to you
Miluny is built on the foundation of natural expression.
The experiences I offer you are inspired by my heritage and love of the land and journeys of life. Our clays smooth your skin, help you feel clean, calm, bathed and nourished.
Miluny is a total sensory experience, for you.


Miluny’s name was given to me by my Aunty, an Indigenous word for ‘mud’. Miluny honours a heritage of European and Indigenous traditions of using fine clays for beauty, and recognising the sacred ingredients of the earth.

My father’s love of nature was passed down to me. You are now invited to let the earth ground you, embrace you, and replenish you.

Miluny stands for conscious beauty. An intoxicating inhale of the aromatic woods, to the slip of the clays that are thick and creamy, to the splash of waters to enlighten all the senses.
My wish is that you feel connection, that life stands still for a moment,
and lets you fully experience yourself.



Beauty Therapist   •   Mindfulness Coach


Our values

We only make what we need, made fresh.
We support Slow Beauty. Treasuring pure and natural ingredients,
with care and love.
We give back, and support the custodians of this land,
with respectful and regenerative harvesting of ingredients.
We celebrate womanhood today and every day,
our connection to the earth and to ourselves,
and our unique stories.
We value connection.
Connection with others
 Connection with the Earth
Connection with self.