Desert Sand Bath Fizz (Limited Edition)


Create a beautiful bathing experience with Desert Sand Bath Fizz. Breathe warm earthy aromas with a hint of wild sandalwood from the desert, alongside the hydrating properties of the clay, salt and quartz.


Drop in to bath
Soak for 15 minutes
Close your eyes, relax…
Feel your calm
Breathe deep…

Relaxing muscle minerals and gemstones
that soothe tension and soak your cares away.
Make sure you remain hydrated.

Close your eyes
Stay there
Fall in love.

Come on a journey… that first look of the sea, the aroma of salt and sand, the wind in your hair, the sounds of nature. Coming back to taking time out.

With Kaolin, Quartz, Salt Crystals, Sandalwood Powder, and Sandalwood Seed Oil.



Sodium Bicarbonate, (aluminium free) citric acid, kaolin, quartz, (mineral clay) magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, salt crystals, (sandalwood) Santalum spictatum powder, (sandalwood seed) Santalum spicatum oil

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