Desert Sand Clay Face & Body Powder


An all-embracing blend infused with locally sourced, organically sun-dried clay with natural minerals crushed into a fine powder that purifies, exfoliates and remineralises the skin (without drying it out).

The drawing powers of pure concentrated powders of earth purify and nourish your skin and body, aligning you with Earth’s vibrations. Discover yourself and your wild beauty.


Mix clay powder with warm water in a shallow bowl and let it cool. Make amount you need at one time, so the clay remains fresh and doesn’t dry.


  • Apply to your skin for about 5 minutes for a mask, or
  • Gently smooth the wet clay on your skin and rinse off straight away for an everyday cleanser.
  • You can steam the skin with a warm cloth, and remove clay with our gentle press cloth.

Your skin will feel soft.

Then, apply a drop of oil on your skin. I like macadamia nut oil as it has lots of minerals for the skin. You can choose any oil you like to use. The oil adds to a healthy glow and your skin is hydrated. You only need a drop, so the skin is not overloaded.

Tip: Apply oil at the end of a shower or bath while your skin is still damp: the skin drinks the moisture deep into it.

The feel of the patter of the shower on the skin,

 The inhale of steam infused with the aromas of soft earth and woods

     The immersion of water

       Surrounded by dreams

         Allowing yourself to be swept away,

Leaving behind the cares of the day.


Kaolin is rich in magnesium, zinc and silica which is absorbed through the skin.

Quartz is rich in natural silica, and improves natural skin tones, firming, energising and toning the skin.

Montmorillonite expands the pores and assists with cleaning the skin of impurities.

Anatase is naturally occurring zinc within the clay.

Spicatum (sandalwood) hydrates and balances, and is soothing and cooling with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Argrilla balances stressed skin whilst eliminating impurities, toxins and pollutants.

Bentonite (sunstone) is naturally occurring and formed from volcanic ash, brightening  uneven skin tones.

Santalum (volcanic ash) with active enzymes that awakens the skin and encourages a natural glow.

100% natural ingredients and scents.

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