Miluny Pressed Muslin Cloth


Enhance your daily routine with our cotton Muslin Press Cloth.

Our Press Cloth steams, softens and infuses. It prepares the skin for the next stage of your beauty ritual, steams the skin while gently purifying, and helps the skin to renew.

Using the Press Cloth with our clays delicately exfoliates the skin, leaving your complexion soft and smooth. It gives your skin much needed oxygen, and leaves your skin brighter, plumped and toned.


Rinse cloth under warm water and squeeze. Apply to skin: press for a few seconds and release. Repeat this a few times, breathing slowly in through the nose and out again, inhaling the aromas of the clays. This connects us to the Earth again and relaxes our facial muscles and calms the mind. Then, gently wipe away excess clay from the skin.

Now close your eyes and enjoy the steam mingling with the aromatics of the water… an all-encompassing soak… bathed in nature.

Our Press Cloth is soft, breathable, made with no harmful chemicals, and gently refines pores.

Beauty is in the soft wind
The smell after the rain
Walking in bare feet
Feeling sand between toes

 100% Cotton

Machine washable

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