A Summer Saltwater Foot Bathing Ritual

A meditative journey to bring you back to yourself.

Step out to where the sky meets waters

The aroma of fresh air

The sun touches your skin.


You feel the sand beneath your feet

Where you hear the waves and see for miles.

As you slip into the cool water, and taste the saltiness on your lips

You, your soul being restored.


“Every Summer I visited the sea growing up. I am still filled with wonder with it”

- Celeste, Creator of Miluny

Recipe for a saltwater foot soak

Prepare a tub of warm water, a size that is comfortable for your feet.

Start with adding a handful of clay powder. Add in a handful of salt.

Slide your feet into the warm salty water with clay swirling in.

Soak… release muscle tension.

Foot bathing reduces stress, increases circulation, replenishes body minerals, and can wind down the mind for a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s also a natural deodoriser.

You can enjoy the same benefits as having a full bath, with just a small tub for your feet to relax in, feeling remineralised. The feet absorb minerals and hydration.

Sprinkle some limited edition bath fizz into water for added benefits and a sensory experience.