Miluny’s clays and your skin

Our clays are absorbent and incredibly luxurious, cocooning you in warmth, as environmental debris is swept away with ease. Instead of removing impurities by dissolving them, impurities in the skin are drawn out and bound in the clay, to be swept away easily with water or our muslin press cloth.



Our clays are potent and precious from nature, containing minerals and gemstones to soften, brighten and smooth the skin; for healthy skin that glows from the inside out.

They are pure concentrated powders with no preservatives. They are unlike skin creams that either have preservatives or need to be used while fresh.

We make only what we need, so that we are mindful of the environment. And because our clays are dry until you mix them with water to use, they are self-preserving.

Miluny’s clays are skin care that’s more than skin deep



Our clay powders can be custom mixed just the way you like them.

When you add water, our clays are like a skin drink.

  • They draw out impurities through absorbing and binding these into the clay
  • The skin drinks in the minerals and moisture from the clay
  • Use the pressing cloth to steam and exfoliate the skin.
  • And importantly, wash or smooth the clay off your skin before it dries.

Understanding your skin

The skin has a protective mantle on the surface; we need to enhance this protection. Our clays, instead of dissolving the impurities in the skin’s mantle, they absorb and bind these together, to be washed away. The clay is an ‘inside-out’ treatment, it doesn’t rob any hydration or collagen from the skin, giving you a healthy glow from inside out. Our clays also leave minerals in the skin for nourishment.

The Miluny range has been designed for healthy, beautiful smooth skin. Created in a holistic way for calming the skin, using non skin-stressors. It is a pure, uplifting and supporting formula.

Our clays are made of micronized quartz stone and sand, which are soft and silky. They thoroughly cleanse the skin while protecting the skin’s mantle. They also bring blood to the surface, providing much needed oxygen that helps the skin to breathe.


Using Miluny’s clay powders

Mix clay powder with warm water in a shallow bowl and let it cool. Make amount you need at one time, so the clay remains fresh and doesn’t dry.


  • Apply to your skin for about 5 minutes for a mask, or
  • Gently smooth the wet clay on your skin and rinse off straight away for an everyday cleanser.
  • You can steam the skin with a warm cloth, and remove clay with our gentle press cloth.

Your skin will feel soft.

Then, apply a drop of oil on your skin. I like macadamia nut oil as it has lots of minerals for the skin. You can choose any oil you like to use. The oil adds to a healthy glow and your skin is hydrated. You only need a drop, so the skin is not overloaded.

Tip: Apply oil at the end of a shower or bath while your skin is still damp: the skin drinks the moisture deep into it.