Relax at any time through Breathing

A meditative exercise for relaxing anytime through your breath.

Pause what you’re doing, and close your eyes.

Rest them a moment and open them to read, if you’re reading this for the first time.

Inhale for the count of 3 through your nose…
Fill your belly

Exhale on the count of 3…

Close your eyes.
Hear the sound of your breath.
Continue breathing…

Timeless Beauty

Drift away, allow yourself to dream
And bring you back in to yourself in this moment.

Do this 3 times, this will give you renewed energy and calm.

Learning how to breathe
Brings in calm focus,
Energy, oxygen.

Create a ritual of deep breathing
In the bath
Before you sleep
Close your eyes and allow yourself to dream
And drift away

Start of the day
Before your shower
It connects you with the world around you.
With a great start to the day.


At work breathing deeply will cause you to focus
It causes your skin to glow and be oxygenated.
It’s an ageless beauty.

It’s free.