Bathing for calm and relaxation


Take a moment to watch the water run over your skin.

Feel the warmth

The slip of the clays

Breathe in the aroma, focus on your breath

Hear the sounds.

This is your time of self discovery.

Find calm

Find the power.

Just for a while,

Step away from the news,

Step away from social media,

And take time to nurture your Self.

Rub any tense muscles

Relax, and allow any tension to be smoothed away.

It’s times like this when the world needs you most.

Find calm.

We are all connected,

We are all connected with the Earth.


Using our clays to create a body bath scrub

To start with, simply mix a handful of Miluny clay together with a handful of salt in a shallow bowl. Add enough water to make a paste, and rub gently on your skin.

Let cares and stresses of the day be soothed away.

Rinse and stay a while longer. Breathe.

Add a sprinkle of desert sand bath fizz to the water for a sensory journey. Let your cares be sent away.

Once you leave the bath, have a drink of water to stay hydrated.